(Un)Bias for Action: Reducing Bias in Your Work

The importance of minimizing bias is well-known in marketing, innovation, and design research. When we unintentionally introduce bias, it prevents our teams from discovering what customers really need or what matters most to them. This leads to products, services, and campaigns that don’t connect with our customers the way we intended.

Contrary to popular belief, minimizing bias goes beyond asking better questions and “”checking our biases at the door.”” This session will cover how we unintentionally introduce bias in our processes, how to detect it, and cutting-edge techniques to get better results.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Understand how bias impacts different parts of the innovation process
  • Understand implications of choosing to (or not choosing to) minimize bias
  • Apply techniques for listening to customers more effectively
  • Find opportunities to design for or market to customers