Using Google Analytics Data To Map Digital Strategy Success

Google Analytics. It’s the tool every marketer has on their site and can maneuver around reports like channel, bounce rate and landing page. Now that you are collecting all the data, can you really say what you are doing with it? Have you mapped up what “success” is on your website, and can you tie it back to data? My session, Using Google Analytics Data To Map Digital Strategy Success, is the place to learn how to turn website data into a successful marketing tool. We’ll go over the checklist for defining website success and how to organize goals in Google Analytics for user flows and funnels while you learn how to pull the most important data into your ROI story.

At the end of my session, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain tips and questions to ask as you identify what “success” is for your website
  • Learn how to set goals for engagement and conversion success metrics, as you see the importance of alerts, user flow and custom sequence segments in Google Analytics
  • See how to audit Google Analytics to verify traffic from different vendors and strategies as you learn the right types of data-driven questions for campaign growth
  • Understand how to use Google Analytics for customer engagement and conversions as you use the different attribution models to understand your customers journey