Build an Influential Personal Brand and Drive Meaningful Impact

A quick look at Google Trends for the search volume of the term “personal brand” will show you it has grown roughly 4x over the last 15 years. It’s not that unexpected given the explosion of email marketing, social media, mobile messaging, video consumption, podcasting and the exponential increase in the numbers of websites. This has a significant impact on the way we communicate, engage, market, buy and sell. But, just how significant is this impact?

The data inside the Trends in Personal Branding National Research study points to a stark realization that personal branding has become a foundational element in how we live and make decisions… as consumers, employees, and employers. The importance of a personal brand is directly and increasingly linked to effective marketing, personal credibility, and trustworthiness and most revealing is that an established personal brand clearly connects to a higher likelihood of profits. The question can no longer remain “What is A personal brand”, it must only be “What is MY personal brand”. This session will take you through the specific tactics to build a personal brand that drives meaningful internal and external impact.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply the #1 secret to building a bestselling personal brand
  • Ask yourself 6 critical questions that will help differentiate you in the marketplace
  • Enhance your marketability in the job market
  • Build a self-propelling online and offline personal brand infrastructure