The Dream of the 90s is Alive on YouTube: How to Increase Views, Subscribers and Revenue on the World’s Second Largest Search Engine

With three billion searches a month, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Add its two billion monthly active users and it trails only Facebook as the second largest social network. So how can your brand take advantage of that traffic and user base? How can you earn views and subscribers like a 14-year-old video game streamer?

It’s actually pretty easy once you learn how the YouTube search and recommendation algorithms work. YouTube is where SEO and social media marketing meet. Ideal YouTube strategy brings in new users with search features and keeps them viewing your content by employing YouTube’s new community features. Once you learn how to optimize and take advantage of each, you can see quick and exponential growth.

YouTube acts like an old search engine and an older social network. It’s more AltaVista and MySpace than Google and TikTok. That means understanding and following the simple rules that govern ranking and popularity will set you up for success.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand and apply 8 practical tips to improve video discoverability, subscription rates and view counts on YouTube
  • Ensure your videos appear in blended search results for popular keywords
  • Use methods for YouTube growth following that worked for companies like Nikon, ClickBank and BET