How We Train Robots: A Practical Guide To Data-Driven Automation in Google & Facebook Ads

Once upon a time, buying ads on Google & Facebook was easy (& profitable!). But over the years, sh*t got complicated (& expensive!). Luckily, there’s ONE game-changing & still under-the-radar source of competitive advantage that any advertiser can access with little/no cost… though almost none do (yet).

This session explores the wonders of Google & Facebook’s own “native” machine learning engines, and how advertisers can win by interfacing with these “algobots” more intentionally…and better “training” the machines to drive better/faster/cheaper advertising outcomes.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how the algorithms work, the importance of “Signals” & how to apply them to your revenue funnel
  • Audit any page, funnel or post-click experience and literally SEE what signals are firing back to Big G (& Sir Zuck)
  • Adjust your creative and post-click experiences to get more useful data (and better/faster algo training)

This session is for the paid media professional (or enthusiast!) that would like a strategy to improve ROAs, scale spend beyond a plateau or otherwise have a competitive edge in the auctions.