How to Ditch Reactionary Data and Design Marketing that Doesn’t Suck

Data is making you bad at your job… and I’m going to prove it with a bunch of data pictures. Multi-variate testing is the bread and butter of the modern marketer, but consider how passive, lazy and reactionary we’ve become in “testing what works,” “optimizing/learning,” etc. What if instead of trying to find the audiences that want what you’re selling, you created demand within ANY audience? Behavioral economics has crept into marketing for decades. Are you leveraging human psychology to drive demand?

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Use behavioral economics and human psychology to identify (and capitalize on) the subconscious motives of your buyers
  • Design marketing that doesn’t suck and actually contributes to the ecosystem
  • Leave reactionary and passive data/testing behind to create demand with any audience
  • Worry less about iOS, evolving consumer privacy practices, and whichever data providers and analytics platforms are soliciting you with the promise of better results